Backpack beginner

So I’ve been dreaming of backpacking since I left school in 2011! Countless friends pursued their travel dreams whilst I sat and scrolled the internet looking at photos, from the comfort of my sofa. Brodie and I fantasised about that one way flight, but for a long time it was all just a fictional idea. One day in January 2018, after a horrible shift at work, I came home and booked one way flights to Thailand.

I’ve only ever been on very planned ,two week, holidays so this is totally out of my comfort zone! I’ve been reading up a lot on South East Asia: what visas we need, where to stay, what not to miss. The do’s and don’ts of travelling. It all seemed so far into the future until I had my last ever day at work, suddenly I’m cramming all of my belongings into boxes for storing and googling ‘what to pack for your gap year’. We fly to Bangkok next week and I really can’t wait to see what the next few months are going to have in store.

I’m pretty new to the whole blogging thing so I’ll be posting what we’ve been up to every week, with any tips or any mistakes we’ve learned from a long the way! So keep an eye out 😘